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A weekly day in Barcelona

Even the best cities have normal days, if you don’t see this you are on the wrong place to know the city of the people.
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Better than Ibiza



I’m back directly from the beach of La mar bella.It’s been a long time since I wrote the last post.So many things have changed since then. I’ve thougth that this blog was over because I’m too busy with my online shop.
Ok,in this post I just want to recommend you to visit this beach.Nobody in Barcelona can say “I’m not going nowhere on hollydays”, that’s not true.You can spent a whole say at the beach busy walking from the town center.

I was sure that we have great hotels in Barcelona.I thought that they were just nice buildings.I was wrong.From last summer , I begun to enjoy having a drink in the hotels of Barcelona.

The visit of my friends has been crucial to make me go to ‘hotel La Vela’.After eating some sandwiches in la Champañeria, we decided to go to the beach and have a walk to digest the food.The last time I went to the beach was summer.I didn’t know the new area located behind the nautic club of  Barceloneta.It’s a perfect place for skating or jogging like the few who were doing exercise in that moment.When we were on the seafront, my friend looked to the rigth and suggested to go to the hotel.Great decision.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……. 26 floors!!! in less than 10 seconds.The bar is on the top floor.From there you can see the beach and some parts of Barcelona.The atmosphere wasn’t as young as i imagined but still surprising.Remember, it was a monday night!The decoration is very elegant, a good place to disconnect but the music was almost worse than my coke-the cheapest drink of ‘la carta’, 4€.

My surprise was we went to the bottom floor to leave the hotel and we noticed that the hall and the terrace were awesome.Great place to have a coffee or a cocktail. We had no time to order any more drinks but a return visit to show more pictures is pending.

my friend Kay from CHI TOWN


Fuck nationalities, fuck the time, fuck boring people, fuck enemies, fuck formalism,fuck diet coke, fuck non smiley faces,fuck differences ,fuck shyness, fuck languages, fuck “we gotta go is too late”,fuck dress code!

If you have appetite you have to come to LA CHAMPAGNERIA, greatbocadillos( sandwiches) and great wine.This place is for tourist and natives of Barcelona.

LOCATION: 5 minutes to the beach Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7, 08003 Barcelona




Sunday evening is not the most animated day in Barcelona,especially in winter.Even on a sunny day It’s cold but this weekend has been amazing,we reached 18ºC in the morning . As we had only two days left we took a stroll to the Borne, a very cultural and artistic area of the city.After discovering some hidden bars we drunk some cafés con leche ,to get warm at Lupara bar, just behind the Mercat del Born.I’ve been in that place a few times before and I always kept a good record , so it was a good moment to be back.There were not so many people as there is in Saturday night when their big and tasty mojitos , 5 euros, fly over the tables.They have two floors, if  it’s possible I always go to the top. I love seating at the sofas, but there is a terrace outside for the free souls and the smokers.The entry floor hosts an art collection on sale that they change almost every month.

note: I never ordered food or snacks so I can’t tell anything about it.


Plaça Santa Caterina, 2, 08003 Barcelona +34933 10 50 19 ‎

A few months ago I couldn’t imagine that I was going to be a tourist in my own town . Last week , friends from Chicago came to visit Barcelona so I decided to spend a couple of days with them.I didn’t have enough time to make a route so I decided to visit the places where I used to go and after, improvise a route. It’s difficult to avoid the touristic  places because Barcelona itself is a touristic city. Our first stop was at my favourite delicattessen , Bo de B .

It doesn’t matter  if you go at lunch time ,evening or night ,they always have the best dishes and sandwiches in Barcelona . The combination  of fresh vegetables and tasty chicken ,meat ,salmon or cheese makes you day perfect.The atmosphere is perfect for smart-tourists and artists.And the owner and the employes are very nice and they speak english if you need it. But try to speak spanish even for fun or practice. If you go once , you’ll soon be back for more.

Location c/Fusteria 14 | Merce 35, 08002 Barcelona, España