You are a tourist, not an idiot

Sunday evening is not the most animated day in Barcelona,especially in winter.Even on a sunny day It’s cold but this weekend has been amazing,we reached 18ºC in the morning . As we had only two days left we took a stroll to the Borne, a very cultural and artistic area of the city.After discovering some hidden bars we drunk some cafés con leche ,to get warm at Lupara bar, just behind the Mercat del Born.I’ve been in that place a few times before and I always kept a good record , so it was a good moment to be back.There were not so many people as there is in Saturday night when their big and tasty mojitos , 5 euros, fly over the tables.They have two floors, if  it’s possible I always go to the top. I love seating at the sofas, but there is a terrace outside for the free souls and the smokers.The entry floor hosts an art collection on sale that they change almost every month.

note: I never ordered food or snacks so I can’t tell anything about it.


Plaça Santa Caterina, 2, 08003 Barcelona +34933 10 50 19 ‎

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