You are a tourist, not an idiot

What’s Barcelona Smart Tourism?

I love traveling and I am a passionate city explorer.When I visit another city objective is not to follow the leader (the touristic guide). I like to go on my own and mix myself with the citizens of the town.To know a city you need to visit the non-touristic places too. This blog is the non official guide of Barcelona, it´s a site for the smart tourist. With me you’ll have the opportunity to know “the Real Barcelona” , the one we know.I´m a tourist like you(I discover new corners in Barcelona every week) but I’m tired  of being threated like an idiot when I’m away.I’m going to take you to the best places/prices of Barcelona. Every place posted here has been checked by me. .I don’t want you to waste  money stupidly,I’m going to show you where I go with my friends,my favourites  bars , restaurants, secret corners, markets, cinemas,parks,clubs ,museums,art galleries,events,shops,streets…

I know you are a tourist not an idiot.

Welcome to Barcelona Smart Tourism


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