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I was sure that we have great hotels in Barcelona.I thought that they were just nice buildings.I was wrong.From last summer , I begun to enjoy having a drink in the hotels of Barcelona.

The visit of my friends has been crucial to make me go to ‘hotel La Vela’.After eating some sandwiches in la Champañeria, we decided to go to the beach and have a walk to digest the food.The last time I went to the beach was summer.I didn’t know the new area located behind the nautic club of  Barceloneta.It’s a perfect place for skating or jogging like the few who were doing exercise in that moment.When we were on the seafront, my friend looked to the rigth and suggested to go to the hotel.Great decision.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……. 26 floors!!! in less than 10 seconds.The bar is on the top floor.From there you can see the beach and some parts of Barcelona.The atmosphere wasn’t as young as i imagined but still surprising.Remember, it was a monday night!The decoration is very elegant, a good place to disconnect but the music was almost worse than my coke-the cheapest drink of ‘la carta’, 4€.

My surprise was we went to the bottom floor to leave the hotel and we noticed that the hall and the terrace were awesome.Great place to have a coffee or a cocktail. We had no time to order any more drinks but a return visit to show more pictures is pending.

my friend Kay from CHI TOWN