You are a tourist, not an idiot

A few months ago I couldn’t imagine that I was going to be a tourist in my own town . Last week , friends from Chicago came to visit Barcelona so I decided to spend a couple of days with them.I didn’t have enough time to make a route so I decided to visit the places where I used to go and after, improvise a route. It’s difficult to avoid the touristic  places because Barcelona itself is a touristic city. Our first stop was at my favourite delicattessen , Bo de B .

It doesn’t matter  if you go at lunch time ,evening or night ,they always have the best dishes and sandwiches in Barcelona . The combination  of fresh vegetables and tasty chicken ,meat ,salmon or cheese makes you day perfect.The atmosphere is perfect for smart-tourists and artists.And the owner and the employes are very nice and they speak english if you need it. But try to speak spanish even for fun or practice. If you go once , you’ll soon be back for more.

Location c/Fusteria 14 | Merce 35, 08002 Barcelona, España


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