You are a tourist, not an idiot

My magic hill in town

This is one of the most paceful places in Barcelona.It´s located at the halfway of the top of the mountain of Montjuic and it’s just 20 minutes from the town center.I used to come here at lunch time everyday.From my hill I can see all Barcelona under my feet, no noise, no cars, that’s priceless. We’re too busy to stop for a while and enjoy places like this.

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Cup and cake BARCELONA

I discovered this place last september thanks to my subscription to  SerieBCN, so I decided to go and visit this lovely place. I like to go specially on sunday morning , they are open everyday but don’t go after 8pm.The coffee is great and the cakes are amazing.They care every ingredient used on their products,its good to know that they hate pre-cooked food. But the most important thing is the creative atmosphere. If you come to BARCELONA don’t miss the opportunity to visit them Enric Granados, 145 (Barcelona), Spain – Tel.932002872

The cupcakes  are between 1,80 – 2,50€ , they have cakes for 12,50€ and they also have different breads and sandwiches

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